E to pick up items.

Click to cut with Machete

T for Tutorial page and sensitivity.


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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Tags3D, Colorful, cooking, First-Person, flat-shading, gamjam, Horror, octopus


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is there a page for recipes? idk how to make a sandwich


Can you make an endless mode I really hate getting timed ;-;


hard game. highest score i got was 53. the game certainly takes a bit to get used to and it is difficult, but the octopus dialogue, music, and modelling certainly give it a fun and interesting vibe. this game is one where i might try to come back and improve my score, as the multitasking in this game is loads of fun.

if you ever come back to this, i would recommend adding an easier mode where you get double the time to warm players into an easier environment. maybe a proper tutorial on where everything is in your kitchen, too, because it is hard to tell at first what is important or not with the art style. i look forward to seeing things made by your team in the future!


WOAH! Thank you for playing all the games! Your comments are on point, many things you said I had not thought about!
We'll definitely improve on player introduction for next games.

Thanks for all your kind words and time!

Fun fact: My highscore in this game is 1323 :)


you're welcome! :) i'll certainly check in every once and awhile to see if you guys have made anything new! though, in the mean time...

Your score won't be high once I use my full strength. You shall quake upon my 1324 score... as soon as I obtain it. Which may take a little longer than anticipated...


did you know your game is super stupid ?!

It is pretty hard pal!

ok yeah but its idiot I made that food for hem and it was perfectly .... ok it wasn't perfect it was 79% and he didn't eat it tho ... the game have a good idea but bad  Implementation   tho...... the game is bad 50%


thats is very very mean go take a hike


This is great tho it was a bit hard to learn but other than that it is a very fun game.

Glad you liked it! It does have a difficult introduction, we'll work on that chief!

gg ez clap.


mans really be popping tanks in a world record attempt and blasts the hecc outta the octopus man.


Amazing game. Fun, and makes you want to play more


This game was pretty fun I liked it.

Thanks COOL jake B)






It's difficult to get the perfect stats for the recipe, can you fix it and make it close enough?

The stats have some flexibility, about 20% deviation :)

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Is there a way to cool the food down sometimes i make the heat a bit to much cause the sink adds more water and the fridge don't cool it down.

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just hide a glock somewhere


i have a suggestion for your game


thanks for cooking tutorial


It's not for free buddy, I'm expecting $100,000.00 on the mail by tomorrow.